Friday, May 15, 2009

{~ Falling Apart ?!

Can somebody save me?
Cuz I’m thinking maybe
That you can take me piece by piece
*inspired by "All American Rejects

Oh pof dear readers, nothing is wrong with me, am just living the song *blush* i just cant control myself *blush*

So anyways let me tell you what i have been doing, what's happening around me and what's pressuring me and stressing me out. THAT RESULTED in me not posting anything for soo sooooo long !

So her goes, i've been busy with a ton of workload for university, from projects to papers and the list never ends. And of course my hateful "Public Speaking", thank god it was my last speech and i preformed wonderfully thank you for asking *blush*, and with it off my list i've got the weekend to juggle the rest of my work *sigh*. Ohhh !! th exciting news is the my bestie's birthday is coming up *wohoo* i tease her for being so old, though she's younger than i am *giggles* by a couple of months.

Enough about me i want to hear all about you my deaar readers, dont be shy to email or post ur coments,, looking forward to them.

PS Am having a hard time in illustrator :(

Thursday, May 7, 2009

{~ A Warm Welcome

Good evening my dear readers,,

I would love to introduce you to someone so sweet and adorable. She's easily loved and lets a person love and adore her in return. She's got talent in photography, she turns them to a masterpiece with her touched written all over them, which i already witnessed and she has a love for anything with PINK, classic tag to it {laces, ballerinas, pearls..} And that adorable person is Maddy aka Mademoiselle {}

She's a dear friend of mine, whom I've known for almost a year now, and i would love you my dear readers to greet her to the world of blogging.

Welcome to Blogger world my friend ;*