Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{Been a while

“When I say beautiful things, I'm not necessarily living them; when I live them, the beautiful thing is that words aren't necessary.”
~ Brock Tully

Bonjour, Salute, Bon soire m'dears

Been a while from the blogosphere.. i was waiting for a wake up call i got form an email reminding me that i haven't blogged since forever *sigh*

My summer vacation was in France, 2 days in horrible Belgium "dont want to talk about it -_-" utterly boring !!!

Since i came back from Paris i feel drained, from all the activities and celebration we had "Ram'9an, Eid, Uni >_<" and all that. But hopefully i'll update soon with something new in every update.

I stumbled upon a blog that i extremely loved the graphics in them "" its a love *hearts*

Paris was wonderful as always *hearts fluttering* missing it there :( but it got kinda boring since we've been everywhere. I didnt tell you this bas as a FACT i am a big fan of historical monuments all the chateaux's est jardans around paris of 3-4 hours away we visited and explored the area. This year was different, we visited some villages "beau village du france" the top 5 beautiful villages in France like : Honfleur, Trvuille, Duville, Le touquet and many others i cant seem to remember their names *blush*

The macaroons *drools*
Chocolate Chaud "hot coco"
Breakfast in a cafe, lunch with friends in a fancy restaurants, shopping in Avenue Montanie, Taking snaps of the Fabby Parisien views..

I wish if i can live there * dreaamy*


Tell me my dears how was your vacation and where did you spend it.. i would love to know and whats your favorite country, and what's special about it :D