Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{~ Au Reviour Mars,, Bonjour Avril

This post goes to all those born in April :-

{~They who meet on an April night are forever lost in love, if there's moonlight all about and there's no moon above~}

April, a new chapter of my life in which i grow wiser & older *sheeeeesh*
*Deeeeep breath* I'm getting old *whining voice* i'm turning 19 >o<>
I am opening a new chapter in my life filled with clean untouched pages, trying my best to learn from my past mistakes & regrets & also try to improve myself form both inside & outside ^_^

To all Aries born i greet you "Happy Birthday" & may all your wishes & dreams come true,,
Wishing the best year filled with happyiness & laughter far away from sorrow & anger
Enjoy your day, because your birthday is not everyday ^_^

Thank you, & Bon Chance

{~ A Romantic in Heart,, BUT I also am...

{~ [H]e felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began..~}

*sigh* Have you ever experienced a love like that (L),,, !?

I am a romantic person in heart <3

Some of my favourite ROCK singers: Breaking Benjamin, 3 Seconds to Mars, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Linkin Park, SR-71, Green Day, Evanescence, Yellowcard, Stained, Creed, Muse, Within Temptation, The Killer and list never ends
Take a look at some of their songs & tell what do you think, and also if you would like to share some of your favourite singers of any gene it does not have to be rock singer, please feel free to do, I would be delighted.

Stay tuned till next time ^_^

Toddles my dear readers=**

Monday, March 30, 2009

{~ Rainy Dayy

Bon Soire,

I would like to start my post with a quote from the heart...

{~ He walks in the room, in his mind he's far away, i can see his emptiness. But I just don't feel his pain. The LOVE is gone. It's killing me inside, the way I've seen him change, he writes his life story. But he can't turn the page, I hold his hand, try to take him, but he pulls away. Shades go down, lights go out. There's nothing left to say,,, ~}
-I changed it a bit for my own convenience

Oh Golly my readers have you seen the weather here in our beloved capital, *pheeww* windy, dusty, rainy, you name it. We are truly blessed by God with the rain *el 7mdilla*
Collect yourself my dear readers and pray for yourself & nation, your prayer may reach the seven skies & your wish granted. This is your chance to be close to God & amend past mistakes.

Any-howww I cant wait for the week to end, you know why my dear readers, bee-cause we have IL day ^_^ *hip hip horaaaaaaay*

This it for now,, stay tune for the upcoming post =**

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's Play Along {Facts about Lady *Bella~

Good Evening my dear readers,

Since i'm bored to death here, trying to run away from my studies, indulge me and play along with me pretty please *_*

I Tag my most eager 10 comments. Looking forward to know more about you, my dear reader=**

Let the GAME begin:~


Real name ~ ***** ~it's a secret ^_^
Nickname ~ oh golly am go with alot of nicknames, i mean ALOT, 5-9 nicknames by by family only, 3-6 by my friends. The popular of them all are: *Her Grace, *Bella, Lady A., Duchess
Status ~ But of course single, am still to young ^_^
Zodiac sign ~ Horse
Male or female ~ Delicate gender *hint* Female
Elementary ~ANS
Middle Schools ~ ANS
High School ~ ANS * i know am boring ,, never changed my school *shock*
Skin Color~ White skin tone
Hair color ~ Light Brown
Long or short ~ How rude! I AM NOT SHORT >.<>
Loud or Quiet ~ Quiet *blush*
Sweats or Jeans ~ Why JEANS of course!
Phone or Camera ~ Both i cant live without them
Health freak ~ I've been dieting my whole life =P so yes i am a health freak
Do you have a crush on someone? Nah-aaaaah no no i doo have a crush but it's a sorry case he does not even acknowledge me "Enrique"
Eat or Drink ~ Drink mostlyy
Piercing ~ one i guess
Water or Fire ~ water
Love of your life or 4 Billion Dollars ~ I am a romantic person so i choose "the love of my life"


First fear ~ White Ladyy,, Heyy dont make fun it's true *_*
First best friend ~ My Darling N: what could i do without you =**
First award ~ Honor list in kindergarden >does it count?!<
First crush ~ hmm
First pet ~ a puppy *_* but am not an animal person,, i am scared of em
First big vacation~ I dont remeber this since i was about 4-5 years old but we've been to England "London", France "Paris", Swiss "Geneve, Zurich", Austria "Vienna",Trukey "Istaboul"
First big birthday ~ 1990 My Mummy & Papi celebrated my 1st birthday party *_*


Eating ~ Nadaa *meaning nothing*
Drinking ~ Water
I’m about to ~ Studyy *sigh*
Listening to ~ One Republic
Best Friend ~ I have four of em *blush*
Waiting for ~ 1st week of April since it's a holiday ^_^ and April 9th it's my Birthday *blush*


Want kids?~ Duh! but in the faar future =p
Want to get married? Yes but i need to grow up and be responsible, MARRAIGE is a RESPONSIBILITY
What career do you have in mind? Nothing, Since it's not considered an option in my life *sigh*

{~Which is better in men

Lips or eyes ~ Both *sigh* but more to the eyessss
Shorter or taller? ~ Grande *Tall*
Romantic or spontaneous ~ A blend of both ^_^
Chest or Butt?~ huh?! Chest i guess *blush*
Sensitive or loud ~ Sensitive
Hook-up or relationship ~ Relationship=Meaning="Marriage"
Trouble maker or hesitant ~ Trouble maker

{~Have you eve

Lost glasses/contacts ~ Gizillion of Times =P
Ran away from home ~ Na-aah
Hold a gun/knife for self defense~ No way *besmallah*
Killed somebody ~ Nooooo Waaay *besmallah*
Heartbroken ~ Yes *_*
Been arrested~ Noooooo
Cried when someone died ~ Yes *_*

{~Do you believe in

Yourself ~ Why yes of course
Miracles ~ Yes, everything is possible
Love at first sight ~ uh huh *sigh* i'm such a dreamer ~!
Karma ~ Majour
Santa Claus ~ Na-aah
Sex on the first date ~ Ewww No, never will and never will HAPPEN eww
Kiss on the first date ~ Na-aaaaaah NEVER & NEVER & NEVER

{~Answer Truthfully

Is there one person you want to be with right now ~ Yess *_* but i wont tell =P
Are you seriously happy with where you are in life ~ Of course am happy, el 7mdella
Do you have any regrets? ~ Yes, dont we all ?!
Post as 100 truths and tag 20 people~ i'll think about it =p
Last phone call ~ My BF *Best Friend*
Last instant message ~ My BF *Best Friend*
Last song you listened to ~ With Me- Sum 41
Last time you cried ~ Last night *_* "i'm stressed out"

{~In the past month have you

Fallen out of love ~ Never experienced LOVE *opp sex* but with females to be exact friends & family they are MY LIFE
Laughed until you cried ~ Yes all the time *giggles*
Met someone who changed your life ~ Yes
Found out someone was talking about you ~ Yes, dont they always do :S They have nothing to do,,

{~Want more

Have you kissed anyone on your top friends? huh what do u mean?! i always kiss my fam and friends by greeting them or saying goodbye or even when i miss them
How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? ~ Lady Dazzy, The Extravagate & Reverie
How many kids do you want to have ~ Dunno, whatever god gifts me with i'm satisfied either girl or boy
Do you have any pets ~ No
Do you want to change your name ~ No i heart my name
What time did you wake up today ~ 01:05 pm *blush*
What were you doing at midnight last night ~ Reading
Name something you CANNOT wait for ~ SUMMER
What’s one thing you wish you could change ~ To socialize more, and get out of my shy shell
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom ~ Nop
What’s getting on your nerves right now ~ NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT

{~Have you ever

Kissed a stranger ~ Opp sex no never, Female stranger: Yes lost count, you know in celebrations and B-days and soo on
Drank hard liquor ~ No Never Had & Never Will
Broken someone’s heart ~ I dunno *_* i dont like the idea of it =( Even if i did it was not intentionally and am sorry if i did
Turned someone down ~ Yes, Sometimes i have to. But most of the times i dont.
Have you ever tripped in front of someone you want to impress ~ Trip i do all the time =P

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been a while my love,,

Good Afternoon my fellow readers,,

I have not posted in a while *golly* a lo-oong while let me tell you. Well i can lie to your face and tell you i was busy,, Naah-aah, to tell you the truth i've been lazy *giggles* Oppsey another FLAW ^_^

Well let me promise you this, and of course myself:

I thee *Bella will promise
You Thee Fellow Bloggers
To remain true and always loyal to my loved one
And to be true to my promise of posting “every once in a while”
And never betray you or cheat on you
Till death do us apart
Amen *giggles*

Oh my golly ,, it turned out to be a marriage proposal instead of an oath,,
Oh well you got my point ^_^
Until next time ,, Stay tuned =*