Monday, March 30, 2009

{~ Rainy Dayy

Bon Soire,

I would like to start my post with a quote from the heart...

{~ He walks in the room, in his mind he's far away, i can see his emptiness. But I just don't feel his pain. The LOVE is gone. It's killing me inside, the way I've seen him change, he writes his life story. But he can't turn the page, I hold his hand, try to take him, but he pulls away. Shades go down, lights go out. There's nothing left to say,,, ~}
-I changed it a bit for my own convenience

Oh Golly my readers have you seen the weather here in our beloved capital, *pheeww* windy, dusty, rainy, you name it. We are truly blessed by God with the rain *el 7mdilla*
Collect yourself my dear readers and pray for yourself & nation, your prayer may reach the seven skies & your wish granted. This is your chance to be close to God & amend past mistakes.

Any-howww I cant wait for the week to end, you know why my dear readers, bee-cause we have IL day ^_^ *hip hip horaaaaaaay*

This it for now,, stay tune for the upcoming post =**


Dazzlin said...

daaaaahling we have IL WEEK :D:D even better

the weather is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G..ur either being blown away or soaked by the rain I LOVE IT..duno y bas i adore this weather or anything other than the heat of the summer here in the capital..

i love the quote chee i duno its so descriptive and i can imagine it happening infront of me..thanx 4 sharing it (K)(K)

love ya daaahling o loving ur posts

*Bella said...


You've been missed terriblyy ='(
You better come tomorrow or your gonna face my anger =P jk mathoneeeen 3alyaaah =**

Awww ~! It is raining (L) "blown away, Blown away,,," this quote is taken for god know wht song =P anywaay u get me *giggles*

Awww let's go out & get soaked by the raaaain and blown away by the wind. omg imagine how our hair will look like *giggles* like an electric shock strike through us *giggles*`

Dazzlin said...

hahaha i was actually thinking of going out in the rain myself bas i thout out loud and the dream was shattered by my mother telling me not to even think of it or ill get sick :(..

still we can sneak out and yes i believe that the chances of getting those electric shock hair-dos are highly possible with the lightning present and with out luck we will:P:P...

hahah the song dnt even wanan know whr u got it from haha o yes mahoon 3alaich daaahling

Reverie said...

The weather is love!. and am so glad were having a break to enjoy and indulge in this circumstances! lovely blog dear =*

*Bella said...

Dazzzy 3an el ta3lee8at 3alla my so called "Ma8aa63" they just pop up & i just have to say or write em =p

Sneaak we willl *evil laugh* cant waaait =P

Thanxs for passing by darling cant wait to see u bacher =**

*Bella said...


Daaaarling R,, t3ally join us in a very cold, dirty, sandy soak in the rain =D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


shino IL day? =)

*Bella said...


Wallla ?! Mabrouuuk 3alikom el ra7mah,, is it still raining there? It stopped here =(

IL day is "Independent Learning Day" mno gdnaah 9a7 =P
And pleaaase as if we are gonna act independent =P
Thaanxs for passing by darling =**

The Extravagate said...

Mabrooook 3likom elr7ma (K)

<3 yew

Susy.Q said...

Babe I have a favor to ask.. well more of a question really.

How did you personaly customize your layout? Cause I have something in mind for my blog I've wanted to do since I joined but I have no clue whatsoever how to. Please help me out here.

Oh and your flower layout was it something you found on the net? If so help me out as to where I could get these killer pics. Please cause Im really hatin gmy layout and like I said I had an idea to personaly cutomize it bs I dunno how. Help! :(