Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been a while my love,,

Good Afternoon my fellow readers,,

I have not posted in a while *golly* a lo-oong while let me tell you. Well i can lie to your face and tell you i was busy,, Naah-aah, to tell you the truth i've been lazy *giggles* Oppsey another FLAW ^_^

Well let me promise you this, and of course myself:

I thee *Bella will promise
You Thee Fellow Bloggers
To remain true and always loyal to my loved one
And to be true to my promise of posting “every once in a while”
And never betray you or cheat on you
Till death do us apart
Amen *giggles*

Oh my golly ,, it turned out to be a marriage proposal instead of an oath,,
Oh well you got my point ^_^
Until next time ,, Stay tuned =*


Dazzlin said...

HAHAHA finally sweetie i was wondering wen id get to see another post from u...and the lazzy part ive experienced it with u lool (reading books instead of studying)...

glad ur gna post more often daaahling o cant wait..

Looove yaa

*Bella said...

My daazzling gaaaaal (k)

I miss you soo =**
*giggles* oh yess we've beeen there =P
well we got to take things seriously darling cut down the books and start to take things seriouslyy *giggles* whom am i kidding ,, as if we'r gonna do that *giggles*

Glaaad to see ur comment love,, i love you more =**

Reverie said...

"I DO" hahaha, lovely post my dear, and what an oath your making ;).

*Bella said...

We R married wohooo*giggles* am going crazy here ^_^
Thaaans daaaarling =**