Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's Play Along {Facts about Lady *Bella~

Good Evening my dear readers,

Since i'm bored to death here, trying to run away from my studies, indulge me and play along with me pretty please *_*

I Tag my most eager 10 comments. Looking forward to know more about you, my dear reader=**

Let the GAME begin:~


Real name ~ ***** ~it's a secret ^_^
Nickname ~ oh golly am go with alot of nicknames, i mean ALOT, 5-9 nicknames by by family only, 3-6 by my friends. The popular of them all are: *Her Grace, *Bella, Lady A., Duchess
Status ~ But of course single, am still to young ^_^
Zodiac sign ~ Horse
Male or female ~ Delicate gender *hint* Female
Elementary ~ANS
Middle Schools ~ ANS
High School ~ ANS * i know am boring ,, never changed my school *shock*
Skin Color~ White skin tone
Hair color ~ Light Brown
Long or short ~ How rude! I AM NOT SHORT >.<>
Loud or Quiet ~ Quiet *blush*
Sweats or Jeans ~ Why JEANS of course!
Phone or Camera ~ Both i cant live without them
Health freak ~ I've been dieting my whole life =P so yes i am a health freak
Do you have a crush on someone? Nah-aaaaah no no i doo have a crush but it's a sorry case he does not even acknowledge me "Enrique"
Eat or Drink ~ Drink mostlyy
Piercing ~ one i guess
Water or Fire ~ water
Love of your life or 4 Billion Dollars ~ I am a romantic person so i choose "the love of my life"


First fear ~ White Ladyy,, Heyy dont make fun it's true *_*
First best friend ~ My Darling N: what could i do without you =**
First award ~ Honor list in kindergarden >does it count?!<
First crush ~ hmm
First pet ~ a puppy *_* but am not an animal person,, i am scared of em
First big vacation~ I dont remeber this since i was about 4-5 years old but we've been to England "London", France "Paris", Swiss "Geneve, Zurich", Austria "Vienna",Trukey "Istaboul"
First big birthday ~ 1990 My Mummy & Papi celebrated my 1st birthday party *_*


Eating ~ Nadaa *meaning nothing*
Drinking ~ Water
I’m about to ~ Studyy *sigh*
Listening to ~ One Republic
Best Friend ~ I have four of em *blush*
Waiting for ~ 1st week of April since it's a holiday ^_^ and April 9th it's my Birthday *blush*


Want kids?~ Duh! but in the faar future =p
Want to get married? Yes but i need to grow up and be responsible, MARRAIGE is a RESPONSIBILITY
What career do you have in mind? Nothing, Since it's not considered an option in my life *sigh*

{~Which is better in men

Lips or eyes ~ Both *sigh* but more to the eyessss
Shorter or taller? ~ Grande *Tall*
Romantic or spontaneous ~ A blend of both ^_^
Chest or Butt?~ huh?! Chest i guess *blush*
Sensitive or loud ~ Sensitive
Hook-up or relationship ~ Relationship=Meaning="Marriage"
Trouble maker or hesitant ~ Trouble maker

{~Have you eve

Lost glasses/contacts ~ Gizillion of Times =P
Ran away from home ~ Na-aah
Hold a gun/knife for self defense~ No way *besmallah*
Killed somebody ~ Nooooo Waaay *besmallah*
Heartbroken ~ Yes *_*
Been arrested~ Noooooo
Cried when someone died ~ Yes *_*

{~Do you believe in

Yourself ~ Why yes of course
Miracles ~ Yes, everything is possible
Love at first sight ~ uh huh *sigh* i'm such a dreamer ~!
Karma ~ Majour
Santa Claus ~ Na-aah
Sex on the first date ~ Ewww No, never will and never will HAPPEN eww
Kiss on the first date ~ Na-aaaaaah NEVER & NEVER & NEVER

{~Answer Truthfully

Is there one person you want to be with right now ~ Yess *_* but i wont tell =P
Are you seriously happy with where you are in life ~ Of course am happy, el 7mdella
Do you have any regrets? ~ Yes, dont we all ?!
Post as 100 truths and tag 20 people~ i'll think about it =p
Last phone call ~ My BF *Best Friend*
Last instant message ~ My BF *Best Friend*
Last song you listened to ~ With Me- Sum 41
Last time you cried ~ Last night *_* "i'm stressed out"

{~In the past month have you

Fallen out of love ~ Never experienced LOVE *opp sex* but with females to be exact friends & family they are MY LIFE
Laughed until you cried ~ Yes all the time *giggles*
Met someone who changed your life ~ Yes
Found out someone was talking about you ~ Yes, dont they always do :S They have nothing to do,,

{~Want more

Have you kissed anyone on your top friends? huh what do u mean?! i always kiss my fam and friends by greeting them or saying goodbye or even when i miss them
How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? ~ Lady Dazzy, The Extravagate & Reverie
How many kids do you want to have ~ Dunno, whatever god gifts me with i'm satisfied either girl or boy
Do you have any pets ~ No
Do you want to change your name ~ No i heart my name
What time did you wake up today ~ 01:05 pm *blush*
What were you doing at midnight last night ~ Reading
Name something you CANNOT wait for ~ SUMMER
What’s one thing you wish you could change ~ To socialize more, and get out of my shy shell
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom ~ Nop
What’s getting on your nerves right now ~ NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT

{~Have you ever

Kissed a stranger ~ Opp sex no never, Female stranger: Yes lost count, you know in celebrations and B-days and soo on
Drank hard liquor ~ No Never Had & Never Will
Broken someone’s heart ~ I dunno *_* i dont like the idea of it =( Even if i did it was not intentionally and am sorry if i did
Turned someone down ~ Yes, Sometimes i have to. But most of the times i dont.
Have you ever tripped in front of someone you want to impress ~ Trip i do all the time =P


Reverie said...

Very very very interesting person ! =p

*Bella said...

*giggles* What's that suppose to mean =P

Dazzlin said...

hahaha 7ayaaati i was reading that wen i was out o i was laughing o i feel ppl were watchin me and think wat a weirdoo...I LOVED IT..i absolutely love ur personality o thanx 4 sharing it with us...

loove yaa dear..

(i hope that reading was 4 uni CUZ WEE SOO have to start focusing on the boring stuff in life..hint hint both of us and u know wat i mean :P:P)

*Bella said...

Daaazzyy =**

*blush* *blush* you know how we go crazy u and i,,
I cant waait to reaad yours hon!

Why of course it's a uni reaading =P

Anonymous said...


I've done this tag before.. and it felt like exposing myself naked in front of people loOl..

well informative,, you are really an Aires girl ;P

*Bella said...


It's soo much fun ^_^ you get to peek through a persons soul ^_^

*blush* thank you my Aries friend =**

Susy.Q said...

Very cute !

If I dont mind I think I'll do the same thing. ;)

So boring mn jd !

Love the blog btw.