Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{~ Au Reviour Mars,, Bonjour Avril

This post goes to all those born in April :-

{~They who meet on an April night are forever lost in love, if there's moonlight all about and there's no moon above~}

April, a new chapter of my life in which i grow wiser & older *sheeeeesh*
*Deeeeep breath* I'm getting old *whining voice* i'm turning 19 >o<>
I am opening a new chapter in my life filled with clean untouched pages, trying my best to learn from my past mistakes & regrets & also try to improve myself form both inside & outside ^_^

To all Aries born i greet you "Happy Birthday" & may all your wishes & dreams come true,,
Wishing the best year filled with happyiness & laughter far away from sorrow & anger
Enjoy your day, because your birthday is not everyday ^_^

Thank you, & Bon Chance


sadia said...

a very happy b'day in advance.
take it from someone who is older and wiser(lol) 19 really is a fantastic age. you're not too young and yet not too old...just right! enjoy your youth! relax, take it easy. have fun. take each day as it comes. may you have a loooong and beautiful life, full of health, wealth and wonderful friends and family! <3

take it easy kido!

The Extravagate said...

happy birthday (K)

I love the whole wise and mature direction ur headin at but don’t let it consume u its nice to have always ur inner child to unwind .. <3 u

Reverie said...

April <3 indeed!

Happy 19 my sweetest sweetest pie. May all your wishes come true, hope the upcoming year brings more wisdom =p.

*Bella said...


Thaank you my dear *blush* & thank you for the wise advice =**

The Extravagate

Thaanxs hunny ,, *giggles* am trying to be wise,, dont worry my "inner child" alwaaays wins over my wise responsible self =P

*Bella said...


Thank youu daarling =**
And happy b-day to u 2

Dazzlin said...

HAPPY EARLY BDAY honey!! o daaahling live ur life (ur not old just yet:P) and the wiseness is already there its just growing by the day

o hope ur days and years r filled with joy, happiness o love :P

love ya daaahling enjoy the month of April and make the most of it!!

*Bella said...

My Dazzler

Thank you darrling =$
Loveee youuu =**

Another-Penelope said...

Happy birthday asap Bella ^_^

19 aint that old, but take this, enjoy your time no matter how crazy it is, trust if you haven't done anything unusual things then you gonna regret your youth babes, im 20 and im trying my best to have fun with my people as long as im alive and young ^_^

Candy said...
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Candy said...

hala bella,
new commentor,..& blog 'rayee8' u got here!
happy 19 and may it fills ur heart with joy & happiness :D
egoloon el 19 3omr el legafa o el curiosity :DD

*Bella said...


*giggles* i was just being a drama queen *blush*
Thank you dear for your advice, i really appreciate it, and yes i plan to live my life wisely and fully *enshalla*


Halla hallla ,, i alwaays love new commenter =**
Thank you darling ,, walla hmm i'll wait and see law lgafty w my curiosity will appear on the surface of myself ^^
Glad to see you visiting my blog ^^