Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{~Time is Ticking away

Good Evening reader,

I know, I know, do not scold me I've been neglectful. Well to tell you the truth I was busy with company, yes you *Anonymous Person* you know yourself *giggles*
I had a blast with her of course, with endless teasing during daylight & of course continuous super juicy gossip throughout the nightfall. Do you remember torturing me with the "Godfather" & your eternal love for Alpacino *giggles* but guess what I loved the Godfather & I continued to watch it without you, although i miss you =(
Anyways do not forget that your always welcome to another night full of craziness from both sides =P

So to start of with my post, is my quote of the day, of course it is about Love & Romance,, what to do I am a romantic at heart ^_^

{~For you see, each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.~}
~Rosemonde Gerard

Today ends a chapter of every Aries born, specifically on the 9th ^_^
I look forward to start a new chapter of course, since I caused a drama in my previous post *giggles* I just received my 1st greeting from my best friend *H* told me that 19 is still a young age and she quotes "Ba3dich baby 3eshey 7ayaatic cuz its your final teenage year" *giggles* I teased her since she's older by one year and told her I look forward to greet her on her 30th birthday when her brood of 10 surrounds her *giggles* she replied me by shouting at me lol and she informed me that by that time she will have her 1st plastic surgery *she's joking here* she'll do a face lift and botox. I replied by telling her to reserve an appointment for me and her cousins my other best friend so we all can do our surgery's together *giggles* stupid right *giggles*
We often made fun of those YOUNG girls who mind you some are even younger had their nose, mouth, cheeks even jaw worked on. Shocking, I know, tell me about it. But what get's me mad that some girls are already lovely in naturally, by lovely I mean breathtaking, gorgeous. Don’t they look at their faces later on and feel disgusted with themselves?
I am not against plastic surgery if their is serious damage and is horrible to look upon, but for enhancing their beauty, and in truth it's the opposite and am sorry to say that. *sigh* how come my post ended up talking about plastic surgeis. As usual i got carried away.

So tell me dear reaader what do you have planned for the weekend anything new occurred in your lives that you wish to share ^^

Toddles xoxo


Dazzlin said...

hey glad we bumped into each other ilyoum. <3<3 missed ya wayed in our wonderful week off which i sooo needed (altho i barely attended uni last week and ive got 2 days off a week u9lan :P)...

lol the "Godfather"...u watching that and crying ana on the other side of the bb chat crying while reading a book..GIRL emotional much?? walla i laugh at our drama thru these events:P:p im pleased u had a gr8 holiday o akeed bacher will be A BLAST ::HUG::

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA LUVV...WISHING U ALL THE BEST kil 3aam winti bmilyooon 5air o hope ur year is filled with all the happiness one can obtain and much more (i think im gna start helping Hallmark produce greeting cards..hmm thats an idea:P:P)


(o rmbr 19 is still young..ok i think ive said enuf ull be hearing more from me thru the bb cuz i cant shut up here:P:P:P)

The Extravagate said...

aaww babe am glad ur enjoyin the movie its one of my favorite but u already know by now after pressuring u to watch it with me :$$

i cant wait for our next time ,, will brain-record all the new gossip (6) u should do the same thing ,, and since u loved the godfather i think its time to introduce u to scarface :D:D .. i soo cant wait (K)

Happy birthday luv .. 20 min left

*Bella said...

Dazzzy my dazzzler =**

Wallla todaay's worth kella was that we bumped into each other ,, wla the rest walla ma yswoon ,, *you know that i mean* giggles

Remember me sending you captures of the movie and your crying on the other end,,!!

*blush blush* thaaanxs dazzzy =**
We'll go into business with them, we'll drive em crazyy with our endless quotes

Loveee you tooo dazzzler =***

Extravaaaaagte =**

Wallla am missing your space beside me *sinff* come baack sooon

Love youu to deaath walla =**

Dazzlin said...

"wla the rest walla ma yswoon ,, *you know that i mean* giggles"

HAHAHA i read this and cracked up hahahaha..i so know what u mean.. ::hug:: m7d yswaach daaahling

loool ur lucky u read the book b4 me and knew whr i reached or else i would be sending u the whole chapt 4 u to cry with me.. ::hug:: thank GOD 4 our bbs duno wat id do with out our mid-night chatting (well its more like early mrng chatting which usually ends up with one of us sleeping without telling the other :P:P)... continuing our conv on bb cuz seriously as i said b4 i will go on 4 a while

*Bella said...


3aaaady we understand each other ,, there are signals sent between us agwah mn el bb =P

okay back to bb midnight chat with you =**

Candy said...
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Candy said...

hala bella,nice 2 meet ppl from AD in blogsphere like me ya3nee,they r rare @@!

looool u guys r crazy ba3adkum inzain so young :D,9aaa7! aham shay enjoy ur life as ur friend told u :DD

my weekend;e7em
there is wedding,one of my sister's friends,e5etha el 3oda bat3ares mn her long-term bf.
ma ba'3aw ye3rasoon since they fnish their master degree..;D
finally bel mubaraaak 55555 :D

& wut's ur weekend plans???

*Bella said...


*giggles* am coming to terms with my age,,!! just kidding ,, aiming to spend my last teenage year wisely gabel ma d5al el 20 =P

Awww I'm thrilled to meet ppl from our beloved nation,, Bl Emaaraaaaaak,, allah enshallla ywafglhoum w ys3dhoum enshallllaaa !! 38baaalich enshalllla =**

My weekend plans is to finish a couple of uni work lil2saaf =P bas i left that for saturdayy =P

For today my sister is having her get-together with friends am looking forward to that & enshalla bacher i may go have brunch with friends =P loooking forwaard to it ^^

Candy said...

hala back :D
laaa sho 3ogbalee badree 3alay am 20 yrs @@!

el moheem;
oh shklech in zu uni 9aa7? :D
enjoy ur weekend;
for today am gonna go to el masra7 el wa6anee to see a comedy show,u this dude;the UAE-ian actor marwan
am gonna see his show there @@!
with couple of friends,

bas i left that for saturdayy =P
kafoo wallah :D sharate 555 :P

Reverie said...


No wounder why the skies are blue today
No wounder why the birds are singing from far away.
No wounder why I have a smile at the start of my day.
And I just wrote u a poem for YOUR DAY!

(F) love you a lot, you have turned ma life upside down with ur crazy yet quite personality ;p.

have fun and cant wait to see you 10 years later with plastic surgery hahaha!

*Bella said...


Yes i am in ZU =)
La enshallla enchoofech 3roos in the future with the perfect hubby of your choice =)

Ooh la la i love comedians, how was he?

We always leave workload to the last day dont wee =P


R thaaanxs for the gorgeous poem, never did anyone write me one *blush* thaaaanxs 7ayatyyy
AND FYI nooo waay will i apply for plastic surgery, ew tooo disgusting i don't wanna look like a fake person PLASTIC to be specific.
Thaaaanxs darrlnngg