Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{~ Passion yet again

Good evening my fellow reader,,

Have been a while ?! Haven't it?

Did i ever mention that i have a passion for photography ?! If not, then am mentioning it right now. I do not call myself a professional or anything but i do admire a few of my shots. It brings out or uncovers my emoti
ons. Each of my shots are unique in their atmosphere. I find that I mostly capture architecture; from castles, historical buildings and also I heart gardens, flowers, bushes, trees *blush*

Every summer, we travel to France, Paris and from their begins my passion for photography. I find Paris to be truly beautiful, from it's nature and architecture like no other country. I've been to other parts of Europe but it did not grasp my lens. But Paris moved me to capture the scene in it's all splendor. Maybe because we've spent our summers their the most. Some of the "must-visit" area's we've been to are: Enfluer, Deveille, Truville and others.

My family and i often stay in our country house during the weekend, it is about 45 min of Paris. I love the sound of the winds breeze, the birds singing. My mother and I go for long walks around our estate early in the morn. My sisters are always grumpy for being away from the city *giggles* their often bored.

I find myself missing Paris while am writing this post *sniff*
Lately, I see myself cursing through flickr and being dazzled by peoples shots. I find they capture a lovely, memorial moment in this one shot only ! How lovely is that. To capture something you strongly feel about in that shot. It left me doubting my own skills, but motivating myself to improve. Let me leave you with two shots: one of nature, archtitecture and a glimpse of our country estate. Let me know what you think.

Todle-lu for now.


Dazzlin said...

Daaaahling I love your posts.. they always bring a smile to my face.. I always admire your photography.. You capture the atmosphere and everything in them.. I love the pix you have put in this post.. Paris really does suit you.. Whenever you see a picture, hear a song, anything that relates to a place you love it always moves you either to tears or laughter or the feeling of longing for that particular place.. Hopefully you will be there soon inshalla.. O daahling photography doesnt always have to be out there if you are a pro.. isnt it about capturing a memory of something you love??

And YES u've been gone for too long.. (well i see u in real life :P bas still u've been away from blogging world for too long) Dont leave us wait 4 long again plzz love ur posts... :***

*Bella said...

My daazzzy, dazzler friend !!

I love your cute self and your comments !!
Thank you 7abeebty, i'm trying to take my skills to another level, el meshkella i dont take my cam when i go around the UAE ;$ i hardly touch it. But in Paris it's with me everywhere !!

Sorry for being away far to loong,,enshalla i wont! Promise to post soon =*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i really like that last one =)

Euphoria said...

Good job! keep it up ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice photos ... I agree with how you feel about Paris, it's wonderful. I can't step out of the front door without having my camera in my hand ....

Like your blog very much ...


Candy said...

hala bella,
yaay! nice shots gurl!! its seems like the one i saw in magazine,and am not flattering =D

hv a nice weekend

Even Sweeter said...

Paris! "Sigh"

love everything about this post... Great shots

*Bella said...

jonas wunderman

I am glad someone other than me feels the same thing *blush*
Thank you kind sir.


Awww *hug tight* thank you 7abeeebty ;**

Even Sweeter

Thank you 7abeebty,, 3yoonech el 7lwa ;*

Luxurina said...

Cute blog! keep it up!you should post some of ur photographs u 've taken!