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{~ Have you ever wondered why the unsinkable Titanic sank.

The sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage was one of the worst maritime disasters during peacetime in sailing history. The Titanic was build by Harland and Wolff and belonged to the White Star line. The building started in March 1909 and was completed by March 1912 and the maiden voyage began on the 10th of April 1912. The ship was the first of its kind and because of the way it had been constructed, was considered to be flawless and hence unsinkable.
The Titanic was the most technologically up to date, luxurious and opulent ocean liner of her time.

Imagine yourselves on deck of the Titanic as she left the shores of Southampton, you are waving goodbye to your family and friends to depart for New York, on the voyage of a lifetime. You go to your cabin to rest before it’s time to get ready for dinner. The cabin is the classic example of indulgence and the equivalent extravagance of the Emirates Palace Hotel. When you descend the staircase to attend dinner the décor of the lower deck is breathtaking. The sheer splendor of the crystal chandeliers and the softness of the velvet furnishings easily make one feel like royalty. It is hard to imagine that you are sailing in the middle of the ocean. The whole atmosphere and ambiance of the ship give you a sensation of protection and security especially if you have been told that the Titanic is unsinkable. However, this is not so, as the Titanic was hit by an iceberg shortly before midnight on the 14th of April 1912(that is exactly ninety-seven years yesterday) and consequently sank. The ignorance of the majority of the population led people to believe that a ship could actually be constructed to be unsinkable.

The Titanic greatest problem was that she only carried enough lifeboats for about half of the 2,200 people on board. It took about two hours for the Titanic to sink. Nineteen of the lifeboats made it safely out, however the last remaining boat was tipped when people were crowding in to be evacuated. There were about 1500 people left on the ship. Nearby the area, the Carpathia, picked up passengers who managed to make it into the lifeboats. In total, only seven hundred five people survived the sinking of the Titanic.

Sources have claimed that the 'unsinkable' myth was the result of people's interpretations of articles in the Irish News and the Shipbuilder magazine.

- On June 1st 1911, the Irish News and Belfast Morning News contained a report on the launching of Titanic's hull. The article described the system of watertight compartments and electronic watertight doors and concluded that Titanic was practically unsinkable.
- In 1911, Shipbuilder magazine also published an article on the White Star Line's sister ships Titanic and Olympic. The article described the construction of the ships and concluded that Titanic was practically unsinkable. Also it was the beginning of the twentieth century and people had absolute faith in new science and technology. They believed that science in the twentieth century could and would provide answers to solve all problems even the problem of sinking ships.

- On 15th April 1912, the New York Times newsroom received information about the Titanic SOS via the Marconi wireless station in Newfoundland. Carr Van Anda contacted his correspondents in Halifax and Montreal who were able to find out that the ship's wireless had fallen silent 30 minutes after the first call for help. By consulting the New York Times detailed news library Van Anda discovered that other ships had recently reported icebergs in this area. The next morning the New York Times reported on its front page that the Titanic ship had sunk while other papers in America were handling the story in incomplete and inconclusive manner.

Ninety-seven years ago, on April 14th 1912, the supposedly unsinkable Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and went straight to the bottom of the sea. A study of the disaster, "What Really Sank the Titanic" by Jennifer Hooper McCarty and Timothy Foecke argues that substandard rivets used in the ship's construction was a main cause for its sinking. Whatever the origin of the belief, there is no doubt that people did believe Titanic to be unsinkable. How wrong could they be!


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