Thursday, April 9, 2009

{~ Endless Surprises

Good evening dear readers, or not,,
Good Morning my dears, since it is already past 12 am

I'm writing this post with a heart filled with endless joy and happiness!
To start of my day i was in a cheery mood but a bit disappointed since my 2 best friends in the word forgot to greet me. Can you imagine the disappointment i felt at that time?! But i quickly placed it aside since it was the beginning of the dayy.

In the beginning red roses were being delivered to my house and my room are filled with their strong sent. By the end of the afternoon i was depressed, seriously depressed, since my sister was bossing me around the house and i was the birthday gal. I kept quiet and told her enshallla dear sister i'll be ready at 5:30 sharp waiting for your friends to arrive. My youngest sister wanted me to help her do her make up and hair and i did it for her, then i started with my self and it was 5:00 i panicked and quickly pulledd of a messy ponytail and put on a audrey hepern eyeliner style placed my favourite RED classic chanel lipstic and dooned my roberto cavali dress. 5:30 and ready to go, pheww, i stepped out of my rooom to see to the visitors, when i see my nanny coming calling me to check the flowers in the dining room, i go there pissed of, because i am hungry i just had coffee and mad with my bf aka best friend for not greeting NOR answering my callls. I steeped on the staris leading to the dining at placed infront of me is a table filled with 19 cupcakes and filled with 19 candles, isnt thaaat sweeet. But out of noooowhere my bf and my heart * younger cousine* jumps out of the dinings bathroom and shouts out HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY.

Here i broke doowwn, i was sooo filled with joy my heart was going to burst. i huggend them and kissed them and ofcourse gave a huge hug to both my sisters and dear nanny. We sat together and i commented on how good my bf and cousines hairstyle looked, since they cut thier fringe and straintend thier hair.

We sat for a while and my other bf came with her adorable sister, i was yet again surpirsed, and we sat all along and chitchated. My sisters friend came along as well, greeting me a happy birthday. I was soo happpy with this surpise it was the best birthday ever. I am soo loving my age right now. Ofcourse my other friends couldnt make it due to some conservative problems and others going off to their weekend destinations.

But i still appreatie thier effort to surpise me and guess what my mum was part of it. I loove her and my sisters and allll those who put an effort to surpise me on this day and making it the best day of my life. I also thaaank my friends who sent me text messages and BlackBerry IMS, i love every one of you and thaaank you for being part of my life.


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


Euphoria said...

Happy B'day!!! :)

*Bella said...


Thanxs daaaarling =**


Thaaank you 7abeeebtyy =** Hugss

Candy said...

yaay! it seems W.A.N.A.S.A :dd

Candy said...

let's hv party here;

Candy said...

Ya A7la

Candy said...


*Bella said...


Awww !! Thaaanxs daarling ,, walla a5jalteeeeenyyyy =**

Yalla come over quick so we can start the partyyy =P *hugss and kisses*

Candy said...

bel 3alam
happy 19

*Bella said...


Hahahaa =**
Thaaank sweetiee *hugsss*

Dazzlin said...

awww 7ayaaati im glad u had a gr8 bday..o ya sisters tend to do that wen they r trying to arrange a suprise..

u shud have told me u were in a depressed mood i wud have gotten u outta it lool u know how we r together (how crazy we becum :P:P)

Love ya daaahling

mosha said...

happy belated birthday ;) i am few weeks older than you xP