Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{~ Stressful Week

Good evening my dear readers,

I sincerely apologize in neglecting my blog and not posting frequently *sad smile*. After my blissful week, and endless relaxations I woke myself of an undeniable dream and my reality, which is my career endless life; university. *sigh* I am patiently counting the days when summer fall upon us. Endless summer days, filled with unlimited freedom, no workload and free time to do whatever my heart desires. A beautiful thought it is.

Enough about that. Let me get to the bottom of my excuse of not posting to you my dear reader. It is because tomorrow the day arrives whereby I present my "Informative Speech". How i detest it, how I abhor it. Firstly, i decided to speak about the music of languages, specifically the music of the Arabic language. How the have a special tune and a basic rule for each word, phrase and sentence in an Arabic poetry. However, after a depth of research and looking through reference's and Arabic poetry. I found that i would not be able to present it in the way it deserves. Also, the subject is so rich that it is justly unfair for me to shrink it into a one paper page only. Hence I settled for "Why the unsinkable Titanic Sank".

I came by it by accident, and then settled on it after doing some deep research. It was quiet interesting and i quiet enjoyed writing it. I will demonstrate a small part of my speech, and you could share your dear opinions with me if you kind readers will please.

"Imagine yourselves on deck of the Titanic as she left the shores of Southampton, you are waving goodbye to your family and friends to depart for New York, on the voyage of a lifetime. You go to your cabin to rest before it’s time to get ready for dinner. The cabin is the classic example of indulgence and the equivalent extravagance of the Emirates Palace Hotel. When you descend the staircase to attend dinner the décor of the lower deck is breathtaking. The sheer splendour of the crystal chandeliers and the softness of the velvet furnishings easily make one feel like royalty. It is hard to imagine that you are sailing in the middle of the ocean. The whole atmosphere and ambiance of the ship give you a sensation of protection and security especially if you have been told that the Titanic is unsinkable. "

If you it met your liking, I might post the whole thing.
Toodles for now ;*


Dazzlin said...

HEY daaahling..i wish missing ur posts... i know what you mean about the stressful week..altho i just started working ams o umm honestly my pile is kinda rising towards the sky :P:P anyways i should get it done now b4 we have some angry teachers on our hand :P:P

As always i LOVEd what i read of ur speech ma love.. cant wait to read the rest of it.. GOOD LUCK bacher o daaaahling ULL DO GR8!!!

LOVE YA :***

*Bella said...


*sob sob*
Am stressed out, wallla, imagine i faint gdaaam the professor! Walla am literary wringing my hands like a person caught stealing wla shayyy !!!

Aghhhhhhh i cant stooop,, w you i begaan to stutter *shock* i never stutter,, how did i become like thaaat!!!!

Dazzlin said...

7ayaaaaati dnt let it get to u cheee!!! RMBR Just imagine they rnt there..imagine ur talking to a room full of sumthin nice NOT PPL...o dnt look at any one or look at ur friends..or focus on a point at the back of the room whr it seems u r lookin at 7ad..

::HUG:: its ok its ok no stuttering the stuttering will go in time when u get used to the class..wish i was there to support u in the class...

Susy.Q said...

Wallah i missed ur posts :(
I loved what you wrote and I would have no propblem with you posting the whole thing. :)


*Bella said...


Enshalla,, i am trying to do that walla ^_^


I missed your cute self & your comments ^_^
Enshalla i may post it when am done with it tomorrow.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

galby can i ask you for a favor?

your font color doesnt contrast at all with the background, fa it makes it very painful to the eye when reading =\

can you please change it into something darker? ;**

or not...kaifich hehe ;) its a suggestion after all!

*Bella said...


Enty t2mreen 2mer daarling,, enshalla i'll change it^^

Candy said...
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Candy said...
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Candy said...

halaa bellah,
missed ya ;*

7abeeeby don't strees urself,
i'll give ya a tip for ur presentaion skill;

i'll tell ya what to do :D
just stand up and say hi guys..*give them one of ur most charming smiles o chat like with your friends fel dewaniah LOL!!
wallah that's what i do,& the Dr. is telling me is amazing what am doing even my friends r jealous from my jor2a 3ala golathum hehe!


*Bella said...

I misssed yo sooo :**
How are ya doing ?!

*giggles* thank you for the fabby tip, enshallla i'll try to do that!!
Wish me luck it's later today *sniff*

The Extravagate said...

i wanna read the whole thing ma y59ni ur next post plzz .. dont keep me waiting

i think they'll be blown away by it

So proud <3

*Bella said...

The Extravagate

*blush* enshallla mn 3yoony a7eena i'll post it !!
love you ;**