Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Beginning

{~ Good Evening Ladies and Gents. And welcome to my humble blog ,,

In Spring of the year 1990, in a land not so far away, dreamy girl was born ..
Bella is what she was called.
All grown up, and entering the world of College and hoping in achieving her dream as a writer. However, she plans in Majoring in Creative PR, which quiet exciting since she who is me, has a shy nature.

I often express myself through my passion for both photography and writing. Listening to old music often inspires me. I have a passion in history and loving anything that looks old and antique. Traveling to countries that is full of culture and history is my passion. I am soo addicted to my best friend, camera, my books and of course my chooos "Shoes" =P

One quote that inspired me is by
Jane Birkin, she once said "I'd rather live on my own than live with a face that looks at me with the wrong eyes."

and BTW i am a RED lover,,

This is it for now,, you'll here from me soon

Toddles ~}


Anonymous said...

welcome to the bloging world Bela,

I was born in April too ,, but on the 3rd of the month ^_^

There are many similarities between me and you in what you wrote about yourself .. very interesting :)

hope to see more about you here ,, will watch for more ..

Notorious said...

welcome sweetie.. anticipating for your coming posts


Karamilah said...

welcome to the blog sphere

Silhouette Crime said...

Hey gorgeous, i just found out i have new follower and i followed it here..

RED LOVER ~ i am the Queen =P

let see your posts love ;**

Even Sweeter said...

Welcome to the blog-sheper hun ;*

loved ur intro!!

aaah am dying to learn photography!!


Maitha* said...

Welcome & have fun! :D

Dazzlin said...

lool i nvr knew u were here since last yr :O..i finally made an account.. our drama will continue here as it does elsewhere huny hahaha walla we r crazy and u know what am talkin bout (a recent midnight drama:P)..

cant wait for you to post more stuff

Euphoria said...

Liked your post :) please update, we want more! :D