Sunday, July 5, 2009

{Paris here i come

"Love the ones you can. Touch the ones you can reach. Let the others go."

Bonjour my dear readers,

Been a while haven't I *blush* am awefully sorry, i needed the break for myself ;)
Tell me my dear readers how have you been, missed being around here ;)

Since am done with university, i've done nothing but sit at home, and relax all time. I've been exercising and toning up :D and guess what i am heading to PARIS this Tuesday :D Packed my bags and am ready to goo

Awwww <3>

And what's the fuss about "Paris Hilton" in Dubai -_- Resources said that she's tanning up *pleaaaase* and she also is getting read to film season 2 of Bff, well posh on her. I find her so dumb and stupid and very very plastic i donot know why people are crazy for her *Sigh* oh well.

Enough about her,, tell my dear reaaders about your self :D if not then feel free to email me :D



Dazzlin said...

7aaayaaaati BELLA I MISSED U SOO!!! I'm gona miss u more now *sniff sniff* that ur gone travel

Have A BLAST WHILE UR THERE!! Tseeron w itrdoon bisalamaa sweetie tc..

I'll talk to u online instead:p

Love ya waaaaaaaayed o missed reading ur blog :************

daddies little cuttie said...

paris! i miss its air the night walks the pena colada drinks =) enjoy ur trip

Roon said...

Paris ey?

Sounds like loads of fun, Enjoy!

Relaxing at home might sound jobless but is the best thing there is to do!

=) have a great time there..
inshallah troo7y o terja3i belsamaeh..

Peace. =)

Candy said...

mn zemaan 3anech ya bella :|
so wohoo oh la la paris..

enjoy it,upload pix when u come back

Just Another Blogger said...

love the quote in the beginning , and yes paris is a doofis, i feel that she smells like fish and feet;p .... eeekh!