Thursday, May 7, 2009

{~ A Warm Welcome

Good evening my dear readers,,

I would love to introduce you to someone so sweet and adorable. She's easily loved and lets a person love and adore her in return. She's got talent in photography, she turns them to a masterpiece with her touched written all over them, which i already witnessed and she has a love for anything with PINK, classic tag to it {laces, ballerinas, pearls..} And that adorable person is Maddy aka Mademoiselle {}

She's a dear friend of mine, whom I've known for almost a year now, and i would love you my dear readers to greet her to the world of blogging.

Welcome to Blogger world my friend ;*


Mademoiselle~ said...

i'm tearing here!
since i read your words i start tearing, so sweet and yumii words...
i'm so happy to knew you girl!
really i consider myself as lucky person..!!
thank you for welcoming me sugar..!! soo nice of you.. <3
and i loved the pik so much so yoou!!
Merci cherie' for helping me to open my blog..
baisoooooouu mwa mwa

Candy said...

yaaaaay !!
welcome made to the blogging world,u 'll be addicted to it =D
can't wait to see ur photography skill..

bella i've chnaged my link

daddies little cuttie said...

thats sweet ...

welcome mademoiselle :D ill surely pass by ur place too :D